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Consumers going towards Online Pharmacy market

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There have been numerous developments in the internet sector in the past two decades. The internet has been a popular way to acquire goods and services. The safety of medicines obtained online are no exception. There are several safety concerns connected to buy medicines online, especially in contrast to the traditional supply chain. Although there are thousands of internet pharmacies available online, the extent of the market is uncertain. Because of the lack of data, the number, and attitude of internet users of medicines and other health items are uncertain.

There have been many changes in our lives, communication, and procurement as a result of the internet. The internet has revolutionized and changed our lives, communication, and procurement practices and strategies . Self-diagnosis and purchase of health care products and services are amongst the many reasons why individuals turn to the internet. Estimates worldwide show that 4.5% of all internet searches are linked to health-related questions or information. Internet users in the US and Europe, for example, are looking for health information 70% of the time. Mobile device uses are also taking place. Consumers are now not only looking for health information but also to self-diagnose and obtain various health care or items.

The regulation, economic, and cultural environments that exist in each part of the internet are all different. This is the case even in the US, where the internet pharmacy market is predominantly prescription based. In countries such as Europe, non-prescription based internet pharmacies have become increasingly popular. Consequently, the legislative and economic perspectives should be considered across the world, as should international regulations for internet pharmacies. In addition, internet pharmacies create regulatory confusion by conflating pharmaceuticals and health services across jurisdictional boundaries.

It is important to consider the country of operation and the delivery country when evaluating the countries of operation and delivery, respectively. Because licensing requirements and quality assurance standards governing internet sales of medications are determined by the country of operation, mail-order must be performed in accordance with that. However, since many unsecure websites are unwilling to reveal their jurisdiction, one cannot be certain of the regulatory framework governing internet pharmacies. Because national authorities are usually lacking in their jurisdictions, the situation is further complicated.

The online medicine purchase outside the traditional supply chain raises several patient safety issues, including counterfeit drugs. According to the global counterfeit medicine study, over 30% of medicines sold in developing countries such as Africa, Asia, India, and Latin America are counterfeited.

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Consumers going towards Online Pharmacy market

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